We make the deals for you

From contact to contract.

Sit back and relax.

We’ll send the deals right to your mailbox. Automatically.

Taking the synergy between human and technology to an entirely new level.

From contact to contract. Completely automated.

Afsprakenmaker is one of the first agencies worldwide capable to create a completely automated sales conversion process, with the ability to cope with tens of thousands of records in a single campaign.

Expert communicators now only need to close the gaps.

Only when the automated process detects bottlenecks, obstacles or unresponsiveness, our human experts jump in to solve the problem and close the final deal.

Maximum efficiency, while reducing labour cost to the bare necessity.

A unique solution for

  • managing high volume contacts or products in a short period
  • bulk marketing campaigns
  • automated up and cross selling campaigns
  • automated contract renewals
  • warranty extensions
  • etc

Forget volume, time, capacity, priority
or margin restrictions.

With the capability to manage tens of thousands of contacts in a single campaign autonomously, you can now monetise on previously unfeasable, unprofitable or unexplored opportunities.

Up to 100 campaigns.

Simultanious. Automated. In one single backbone.

“We searched for a company to make appointments for us and found a true partner who delivers signed contracts in our mailbox. That’s simply amazing.”

Nico Baeyens
Country Marketing & Product Manager - Miele Professional