You make the deals.

We create the leads.

Next generation
remote marketing.

  • market intelligence
  • hot sales calling
  • marketing campaigns
  • educational programs
  • demos
  • appointments

We turn contacts into
tangible leads.

Each step we take can be followed LIVE in our proprietary backbone, where all data is captured in realtime for continuous strategy optimisation.

  • project management
  • permanent steering
  • automation where possible
  • dedicated consultants
  • fully connected with your team
  • permanent data enrichment
  • real-time reporting
  • tailored to your company culture and personalised to the prospect’s profile

intelligence + automation >> efficiency.

Forget cold calling. Lead generation at Afsprakenmaker is all about intelligence. By cleverly applying Competitive Intelligence, Web scraping and targeted automation, we not only drastically reduce unnecessary labour costs, but mostly increase the efficiency of the lead generation process.


“We boosted our market share, and our ability to close deals has improved in no time.”

Werner Temmerman
Senior Manager Belgium - Penneo